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111 EGG Recipes


111 EGG Recipes

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Cooking of Eggs

To Preserve Eggs Egging and Crumbing Shirred Eggs
Mexicana On a Plate de Lesseps
Meyerbeer a la Reine au Miroir
a la Paysanne a la Trinidad Rossini
Baked in Tomato Sauce a la Martin a la Valenciennes
Fillets a la Suisse with Nut-Brown Butter
Timbales Coquelicot Suzette
en Cocotte Steamed in the Shell Birds’ Nests
Eggs en Panade Egg Pudding a la Bonne Femme
To Poach Eggs Eggs Mirabeau Norwegian
Prescourt Courtland Louisiana
Richmond Hungarian Nova Scotia
Lakme Malikoff Virginia
Japanese a la Windsor Buckingham
Poached on Fried Tomatoes a la Finnois a la Gretna
a l’Imperatrice with Chestnuts a la Regence
a la Livingstone Mornay Zanzibar
Monte Bello a la Bourbon Bernaise, a la Rorer
Benedict To Hard-boil Creole
Curried Beauregard Lafayette
Jefferson Washington au Gratin
Deviled a la Tripe a l’Aurore
111 EGG Recipes
a la Dauphin a la Bennett Brouilli
Scalloped Farci Balls
Deviled Salad Japanese Hard en Marinade
a la Polonnaise A la Hyde a la Vinaigrette
a la Russe Lyonnaise Croquettes
Chops Plain Scrambled Scrambled with Chipped Beef
Scrambled with Lettuce Scrambled with Shrimps with Fresh Tomatoes
with Rice and Tomato with Asparagus Tips Egg Flip
Omelet with Asparagus Tips with Green Peas
Havana with Tomato Sauce
with Oysters with Sweetbreads
with Tomatoes with Ham
With Cheese with Fine Herbs
Spanish Jardiniere
with Fresh Mushrooms O’Brien
with Potatoes
Sweet Omelets
Omelet a la Washington with Rum Swiss Souffle
a la Duchesse Souffle

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