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When you are sending traffic to an affiliate product, master the art of the pre-sell
before you even take your visitors to the product page.
This means – never send your traffic directly to the affiliate page. Always have
an intermediary page that explains to your visitor why they should clickthrough
to the product and purchase it. But don’t do a hard sell here. Just get them into
a nice frame of mind as to what this product will be able to solve for them, so
that they are in a better frame of mind, pre-disposed to buying the product when
they are brought to the product sales page.
If you are offering a bonus for purchasing the product through your link, make
sure to mention that fact, and hard-sell the bonus if appropriate. For example, if
you have created a complimentary product that compliments or addresses some
shortcomings of the product on sale, then be sure to mention what having your
bonus will do for them.
Your bonus can be a tutorial, some videos, audio, and ebook or even a software
that helps one who is going to purchase the product. Remind them that the only
way to get your bonus is to purchase the product through your link. (If your
visitor has already purchased the product through someone else’s link, and
writes to you to get your bonus, you can choose to offer it to him at a price –
one well known marketer recently got into trouble with ClickBank when he
suggested refunding the product and purchasing through his link instead, Don’t
do this – it is not ethical and causes plenty of problems for the merchant, affiliate
and payment processor)

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