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I would like to thank you for purchasing this short course.
I have been using memory techniques personally now for the last 15 years. I have taken the greatest pleasure in being able to train those with dyslexia – who are often left out of the educational system – and show then that they are not drop outs. Their minds simply work differently and because of that they do in fact have very powerful memories. I have watched such people fly once I have taught them even the most basic of the systems.
I still enjoy it though when I teach someone who claims to have a poor memory a basic system, because it is the look on their face when they realise that with no effort their brain has done something they never thought that it could do.
For me, the adventure started when I knew I was going to college to train as a youthworker – I wanted to know how to remember stuff as I had never been very good at it. I learned the basic system in around half an hour and then moved on in a day to the letter shape system.
I am a slow study, and it took a couple of days for me to get my head around it. But once I had I decided to challenge myself to learn the books of the Bible in order. It seemed impossible but I took on the task, wonder- ing if it would really work.
45 mins later I was recalling the books backwards, forwards, and inside out! I couldn’t believe it.
Whilst at college I was the only person not to have post-it notes spread around the house and memorised some 30 important history dates and related information in just 2 hours … Whilst sat in front of the TV!
I have tried to keep this book as short as possible and keep the anecdotes out as much as possible. My experience of studying other similar materials is that there are always a number of stories and perhaps too many examples. Maybe I have not used enough stories or examples, but I think that the best way of using the memory techniques I have included is to actually use them, not try and tell you what I think!
I hope that as you read through this, the first edition of what I hope will be an annually updated course, you will take the same pleasure as I have in learning to learn. I also hope that the added brain facts, and study techniques will be useful to you. And if you find anything that you feel is in error, or could do with further expla- nation then please email me – if you bought off ebay you know already where I am!
So enjoy!

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