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Beginner’s Guide to Learning Italian!


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Advanced Memory


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In just a few moments you will be using your memory to remember a list of 10
And that’s just the start!
We all use our memories all the while, some more than others. If you are a
magician or even a student reading this then you probably need to remember
an immense amount of information; but most people need to remember
shopping lists. But just maybe you are more interested in winning the local
pubquiz, or beating the pub quiz machine into submission so that it makes some
serious payouts … or perhaps you want to be the next winner of ‘who wants to
be a millionaire?’ Or amaze people with your superhuman abilities. Then again,
you might have recently taken part in a national memory ‘battle of the sexes’
game on tv and realised that you weren’t quite as sharp as you were. Not only
that, but it has been shown that for those who are elderly, daily mind gymnastics
which include the sortt of thing memory requires, keep senility and Alzheimer
syndrome at bay. Whatever your reasons, learning to learn is fun, productive
and anyone can do it!

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