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Beginner’s Guide to Learning Italian!


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Why is it so important to learn a foreign language? The whole world speaks English,
right? You are right the is a large number of people who speak English and are living in
a foreign country, but not everyone in the whole world. There are several good and
valid reasons for learning to speak another language.
Just for starters, Personal Development is one of the reasons. When you learn a new
language you acquire a whole new outlook while reinforcing your own identity and self-
confidence. Learning a foreign language can contribute to a stronger personality.
Then there are the Cultural Reasons for learning a foreign language. Cultures define
themselves through languages. A foreign language will give you admission into another
culture. You will have the ability to communicate and to exchange thoughts and ideas
with people all over the world. Without the ability to communicate with them you may
have never had the opportunity to know them.

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