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Although I have no way of knowing for sure, I would guess from my
own experiences that there are hundreds of e-books (and quite a few
books in print) that claim to teach you how to create a profitable blog.
So, you might be wondering why this e-book is any different from all
the others. This is a question I want to address right here, at the very
Unless you have been in a coma for the last six months, it has not
escaped your attention that the world has changed significantly over the
past year or so.
Huge corporations that previously appeared to be ’bullet-proof’ are
laying off thousands of workers, not because they are trying to
maximize profits but because they are desperately trying to hang on.
Governments are bailing out failed banking and other financial
institutions right, left and centre, and things are likely to get worse
before they start getting better.
Try running a keyword search using any keyword research tool for
information about ‘depression’ and you will find that most people are
not looking for information about mental health nowadays. On the
contrary, they are all interested in information about an ‘economic

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