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People want, in fact people NEED, information. They will pay handsomely for the right
information too. This is one of the reasons that ebooks have become so popular. What you are
reading now is an ebook, an information ebook. An information ebook all about how to sell
ebooks via both Ebay and the World Wide Web.
My name is Richard Fenn, Ebay Powerseller djrichardfenn.
I have become a Powerseller simply by selling ebooks and software. Other peoples ebooks and
software at that! This in turn led me to build my own websites to sell ebooks and software from.
I now have multiple websites from which I sell ebooks on various subjects and niches.
My main ebook store is where I sell over 100 ebooks and software titles.
I sell everything from recipes to ebooks on Internet Marketing.
I also sell an ebook website package at as well as various niche websites
and blogs (short for web logs).
As you can see, I know how to sell ebooks!

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