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Remember when you were a kid sitting on the bank beside some lake or watering hole
with your pole dangling in the water, a night crawler on the hook, hoping a fish would
bite? Sometimes you would get a bite and other times you would get just a nibble.
Your bait would be gone, but the fish didn’t get hooked. People still fish that way.
Some may use a boat, but they are still using the conventional method of fishing.
Sitting on the bank of a lake in the Grand Tetons, early on a summer morning, pole in
hand and a night crawler on the hook it was very peaceful. It really wasn’t one of my
favorite things to do. The scenery was beautiful, but I wasn’t one for sitting still too
long. Then I got the chance to go stream fishing. We didn’t go often, but I went
every chance I got. I thought the scenery was even more beautiful than the scenery by
the lake. My favorite part of stream fishing was walking on the rocks of stream so
that I could let my hook and bait float passed the trout that may have been sitting just
under a rock. I never caught anything that way, but the attempt was exhilarating.
Fly fishing is another method of fishing. It is well known as a method to catch trout
and salmon, but a lot of anglers are now trying to catch different species other than
trout or salmon. They are even going so far as to attempt catching one of each
different species that can be caught with a fly

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