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No man is an island.
That may sound a cliché but it definitely holds true to everyone – to you, to
me, to them.
Remember the first man God has made? He was Adam. He lived alone for a
while- the length of time we do not know. However, God saw that he was sad
and lonely. He was the highest creature that was made. He had everything he
wanted. Yet, he was not happy. Why? It is simply because life without other
people is not worth living.
Imagine yourself in Adam’s place. You’ve got all the food you want to eat,
beautiful places you want to go, and money you want to spend. You have
everything you want to have, and you are going to make use of them- alone.
Perhaps, it was not easy for Adam. And God saw what was missing in his life.
Another human being was created to live with him and journey life’s highway
with him. He became happy. He became contented.
That is also the scenario in our lives. We may have everything we need even
what we want. But, there got to be people in our lives whom we can share our
lives with.

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