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Healthy Dating and Relationships


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The Essential Ingredients of a Healthy Dating Relationship
Finding true love and maintaining a clean healthy relationship is not an impossible task. The
trick lies in balancing your act. You need to have lots of virtues like affection, love, respect,
patient and trust to be able to do that. The ingredients of a healthy dating relationship are simple
and homemade.
Healthy love relationships need the help of the following features:
o Truth and Honesty: Being true to your partner is one of the most basic prerequisites for
all good relationships. A clean honest character speaks volume, it builds up trust and no
matter what, and your partner will never be suspicious or doubtful about you, as you
have always been amazingly truthful to him/her.
o The Act of Forgiveness: For good solid relationships, you have to forgive and forget
the past. It is no use harboring ill feelings towards one another and pretending to be a
loving couple.
o Friendship: Remember the famous quote, ‘after the newness of a relationship dies
away, only the friendship and companionship remain.’ It is not sufficient to have a great
physical chemistry; you should also be good friends. In every successful marriage,
partners are first loyal friends to each other than anything else.
o Patience: If you have it in you to be patient and determined, it will help you tide over all
the rough patches in a relationship. Love relations and marriages often come to an
abrupt ending due to lack of patience to work out the problems with a clear head.

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