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Physical Value
Let me start out saying that the most important thing about attracting abundant
prosperity is that you will only attract as much as you feel that you are worth.
Right now, say “I am worth a million dollars!” How do you feel?
If you’re like most people, your feelings are mixed between “This feels good” and
“This doesn’t feel like me”. The good feeling is coming from the part of you that wants to
be worth a million dollars, and the other feeling is coming from the part of you that defines
your true value. When you can say “I am worth a million dollars!” and feel “Of course I
am, that’s a fact.”, then you will see a greater degree of prosperity enter your life.
Actually, you’re worth much more than a million dollars. Consider this for a
moment. How many stories have you heard about in the news where someone was
involved in an accident and received an insurance settlement? And in those news stories,
how large were the settlements? Take for instance, the case of a man who lost his hand in
an industrial accident. He received something like $250,000 as compensation for the loss
of his hand. Would you give up one of your hands for $250,000? How about both of them
for $500,000? Count whatever amount would convince you to give them up as part of
your value.
Or consider the account of a woman who lost her sight due to exposure to poisonous
gas. Her insurance settlement was for a cool 1 million dollars. Would you trade your eyes
for her million dollars? How much would you sell your eyes for? Count that towards your
true value as well

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