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This guitar chord charts are from „Sven’s Guitar Site“ (,which also contains scale charts, some music theory, information about guitar effect setups, plenty of guitar and music related links and much more. Please visit my homepage.
Sven Petersen, Dec. 20th, 1998.
Explanations One of the reason, I finally started creating this site was to provide some chord charts, that I have posted in FidoNet and the guitar newsgroups some years ago. Some people told me they liked the chord charts, so I wanted to make them permanently available on internet.
The chord charts I have put together don`t contain all the common chords everybody knows, but chords, that I call jazz chords – those chords with the numbers. They all contain higher chord options like the 7th, 6th etc. You will not find any plain major or minor chords in here. I have put the chordsinto a kind of lexical order to make them easier to find.
If you try them out, you should not play them distorted – they won’t sound good this way and you may think, all of them are crap. The best way to try them is fingerpicking or playing with the thumb to achive a mellow sound.
All chords are as easy to transpose as bar chords – just shift the patterns up and down the fretboard. IMHO the chords you find here are less straining, because you don’t have to keep your index finger in that “bar chord position” all the time.
You can play about 600(!) different chords with the some 50 chord patterns in the chord charts. This way you don’t have to learn too much by heart.
Here is a short description of the format of the chord charts: Like I metioned before, all chords are as easy to transpose as bar chords. Thus they don’t have a specific key – the “Y” is just a virtual key, it is variable, you can put a G, a Bb etc. instead. E.g. if a chord placed at the 3rd fret is a C major, just shift it down one fret, now you have a B major with the same pattern

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