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Writing an ebook and making a sales page for it is only half the struggle. If you want to make money in
the information product industry – primarily: ebooks, PDF reports, case studies, and more – marketing
will be your biggest hurdle. How do you push your product, especially in a competitive niche? A lot of
popular niches have already been exploited; it’s “somebody else’s” territory. Finding a unique approach
to pushing for more sales can be very difficult and stressful.
The truth is, it’s the packaging that sells your goodies. You may have compiled the most comprehensive
report in the history of whatever your topic is. Indeed, it could be a groundbreaking product. But
without a “bright package,” no one will even bother looking at it. Think: even if you invented the most
delicious candy bar in the world, a neighborhood wouldn’t know about it unless it had a flashy wrapper.
The same applies in e-commerce. Even subtle things like the way you word your sales pitch page can
make or break your killer ad.

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