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Thanks and congratulations on purchasing this book. As we progress you will discover that you
have made an excellent investment with this eBook if you intend to produce information
products for profits. I have tried to make this eBook far more than just a general “how-to” guide
– instead I’ve compiled a complete “info-product creation toolkit”, even including several
other premium ebooks, tools and software as part of the package (you’ll be able to download
them from within this ebook). I’ve tried to include as many products as possible for you to
download – where I have no been able to secure the resale rights to products/software that I
recommend you get hold of to significantly enhance your profitability, I have included them as
recommended resources. There is also one huge $49 free gift right at the end of this book!
If you’re new to the info-product game then this guide will really be a valuable way of creating
and marketing your first info-product. For those of you who are at the intermediate level there
will probably be a lot that you will still learn from the following chapters.
Before starting with the first chapter I’d like to share a couple of things with you to help you
succeed (I assume you purchased this product with the ultimate aim of making some money).
You see, it’s fairly well recognized that about 95% of people fail to make any money with their
online business (and info-product creation most certainly falls into this category). It does not
surprise me one little bit – there is serious information overload out there, and it’s possible to
read one how to product after another and still not have a clue on actually “how to”! Hence some
people try once, perhaps twice and after failing just give up. Do not be one of them – you can
succeed but you need two things – action and perseverance. Spend as much time learning about
the different aspects of info-product creation and marketing as you possibly can – let these topics
consume you. Create outstanding products that will build your reputation then understand how to
market them – this simple two step formula is your key to making a fortune with information
products. Online marketing is probably the trickier out of the two and unless you have been on
Mars for the past few years you already know that there are hundreds of eBooks, membership
sites, courses, seminars etc on the topic. I cannot stress how important it is to follow an effective
marketing blueprint if you wish to make it to the big-time. This book goes a long way to
highlighting a lot of the tactics you can use but after you have absorbed and applied the
information it’s worth continuing your education and investing in one or two more of the top
marketing references out there. Keep educating and applying yourself and you will ultimately
succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

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